Our Team

Anirban Dey is a dynamic and accomplished Company Secretary with a profound commitment to professional excellence. With a youthful vigor and unwavering integrity, he has honed his expertise in corporate governance, secretarial, legal, and insolvency matters throughout his career.

He demonstrates an unwavering dedication to ensuring that both listed and unlisted companies uphold the highest standards of regulatory compliance. His extensive knowledge, penchant for continuous learning, and adept problem-solving skills in corporate affairs render him an invaluable asset to B Samrish Consulting LLP.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Anirban finds solace in the practices of meditation and outdoor exercise, which equip him with the serenity and focus necessary to navigate life’s myriad challenges. He wholeheartedly embraces the ethos that “With discipline, patience, and perseverance, one can achieve anything in life.

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