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August 28, 2023 via Google

This team is highly skilled in FEMA and ODI matters. They are experts in handling foreign exchange and overseas investment regulations. Their professionalism and knowledge make them a reliable resource for solving complex issues in these areas. They can provide effective guidance and assistance for businesses and individuals.

Manoj Kumar

February 26, 2023 via Google

We availed the services of B. Samrish and Co in the matter related to filing of Form FC-TRS for transfer of shares from resident to non-resident and its compounding under the FEMA Act. We are extremely satisfied with their services. They do their work in a professional manner and have skilled/smart/soft spoken people in their team. They are pretty humble and offer immediate assistance. We would especially want to thank Kirti for her constant guidance and invaluable assistance in getting a long-pending issue resolved. I highly recommended this firm.

Kimberley Davis

November 22, 2022 via Google

Great service, detailed advice

Vijay Rao

June 18, 2021 via Google

Very Prompt, courteous and helpful. I am really thankful to Samrish and his colleagues.

Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav

April 19, 2020 via Google

Very good response, Because time is most important in our life style. Thank so much to B. Basmrish & Co for their quick valuable response. Dinesh Erco Travels Pvt Ltd

Sonam Arora

May 30, 2018 via Website

This firm provides a good career path for the people who aspire to be a key personnel in the organisation. Moreover dealing with the issues of its clients timely thereby gaining trust is what they think important is. Working with such management was a great journey that any CS can desire.


October 29, 2021 via Website

Our company had engaged with B Samrish & Co for updation of its IEC on DGFT portal. The team who engaged with us with special thanks to Shawant and Rahul, were clear in the requirements, and responses provided and helped us complete the task in the shortest possible time. Thank you for your prompt responses and we will look forward to work with you on other engagements where possible.

Shubham Gaur

June 20, 2018 via Website

Being a very young Entrepreneur, I never thought that the process of forming a company can be so Easy and Hassle Free, and the entire credit goes to B.Samrish & Co for making the whole process a cakewalk for me. I am totally blown away by the services and professionalism i have experienced from the entire team. It would be a pleasure for me to work with B.Samrish & Co. in all my future endeavours & would Highly Recommend to anyone looking forward to a Hassle Free experience for anything and everything related to CS services. You can mark my words, they are Highly Professional, Quick, Absolutely Trustworthy and Easily Accessible incase of a problem or even a doubt at any situation.

Komal Sharma

June 1, 2018 via Website

Very pleasant work environment. Team is very supportive and due consideration is given to each and every aspect of company law. There blogs are really informative with nicely written content.

Archita Shah

July 12, 2018 via Website

Excellent Job done by B Samrish & Co., Thank you for providing such wonderful service.


November 26, 2018 via Website

Just Spoke to Mr BSamrish from hsrlayout and this person is just awesome because he spoke with alot of patience and answered all my queries for 30 Mins on phone , he tried to help me with max details and solutions ... I strongly recommend to avail their services , I am really impressed and and happy to have spoken to him.

Rashmi Kumar

Rashmi Kumar

August 22, 2019 via Google

We had been taking services of B Samrish & Co regularly for all kind of complex matters related to Companies Act 2013,FEMA & RBI compliances. LLP compliances etc.Samrish and his team responds promptly.They ensure client satisfaction and proper compliance.

Simratjeet Kaur

January 31, 2019 via Google

An opportunity to work at B. Samrish & Co. (BSC) was a stepping stone for me in my career as a CS. The team helmed by Mr. Samrish provide perfect environment to learn nitty gritties of the profession. Each query is dealt with patience and effort is made to answer all the queries of the client. At BSC, importance is given to pursue one’s quest for knowledge, foster harmony within the team and to try to maintain a balance between work and personal life. I have learned a lot here, not only about work related to our field / industry but about things that matter most as an individual. I thank the team for their guidance and warmth.

Shubham Gaur

February 19, 2019 via Google

Would highly recommend to anyone looking forward to a Hassle free experience for anything and everything related to CS services. You can mark my words, they are Highly Professional, Quick, Absolutely Trustworthy & Easily accessible incase of a problem or even a Doubt at any situation.

Rajesh Rai

Rajesh Rai

June 18, 2019 via Google

B Samrish & Company handled the client referred by me very effectively and efficiently. The client thanked me for introducing and referring them for their company related assignment.

Shashank Saraswat

March 17, 2019 via Google

Good firm, they give time to my query very efficiently.

Sanjoli Singh

November 19, 2018 via Google

Good Working Environment

Preeti Nagar

Preeti Nagar

October 3, 2018 via Google

Great Attitude towards work.

Neeraj Parmar

October 11, 2018 via Google

Truly professional, assured and trustworthy services.

Andrea Pezer

September 24, 2018 via Google

Hardworking and patient team. Excellent support.

Vineet Sharma

February 17, 2018 via Google

Highly professional and possess the domain expertise in FEMA and FDI matters

Zoriana V

Zoriana V

August 2, 2018 via Google

I am a head of branch of International Company, and we had been using the services of B. Samrish & Co. for more than 2 years now. They had been responsive, dependable and very transparent. They have a very professional team who are there to guide and help.

Dinesh Sharma

March 29, 2018 via Google

I have been using services of B. Samrish & company for more than 3 years now. Three of my companies are being handled by Samrish and Team. Very prompt in their service and reply, they make an extra effort to see that the customer interests are protected all times.

Sapna Gupta

June 13, 2019 via Google

We engaged the firm B. Samrish & Co. for modification of the scheme of demerger under Section 231 of the Companies Act, 2013. The application was filed with the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Because of MCA Notification dated 7th December, 2016 the matter got transferred to the NCLT. The firm provided excellent support in advising and appearances before NCLT. They were also helpful in dealing with the office of the Regional Director (RD north) / Registrar of Companies (RoC). They have an excellent team of committed professionals.

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh

April 29, 2018 via Google

We have a good experience with B Samrish & Co. for job assigned for various compliance such as secretarial, legal and XBRL filing. All the jobs were done on time with utmost satisfaction. All the Team member of firm are proficient in their work and committed to provide the services on time. Ajay Singh Director (Finance) Unihorn India Gurgaon.

Marceli Rakowski

April 2, 2018 via Google

Have been using B Samrish & Co services for almost a year now. Very professional approach to each situation by Samrish and the Team. Reliability, quality and customer focus graded highly.

Mahendra Kumar

August 17, 2017 via Google

I am extremely satisfied with their approach and services regarding compliances. They go extra miles to understand their client's need and give solutions accordingly. I recommend "B Samrish & Co" as my preferred CS service provider.

Nupur Singhal

Nupur Singhal

May 5, 2017 via Google

Professional work environment. All the queries of clients are properly addressed in a timely manner and full attention is given to them. Working with Mr. Samrish Bhanja is a great experience as I am myself working with him.

Uday Rana

Uday Rana

April 5, 2017 via Google

This CS (Company Secretaries) firm is trustworthy and reliable for various MCA filings. The team is young and customer centric. Proper attention is paid to each client and they are approachable at all times. The team aims to collaborate with the client for the task at hand and they remain flexible to meet client needs. I have used their services and highly recommend them to others.

Smriti Sharma

Smriti Sharma

July 3, 2015 via Google

B Samrish & Co team is responsive, timely, proactive and dependable they don’t nickel and dime their client and often respond to emails in minutes. They have always delivered tangible and measurable results.