DIN (Directors Identification Number) of a Foreign Director

22 December 2016 • Janvi Gupta


DIN (Directors Identification Number) of a Foreign Director

22 December 2016 • Janvi Gupta

Updated as on August 27, 2020

We all know that the Government allocates a unique number for each purpose, for instance, a Passport number (for nationality), a PAN (for tracing one’s income), an Aadhaar number (for residents in India), etc. In the same way, in this article we would discuss about a unique number to identify Directors of company/(ies).

DIN(Directors Identification Number) is a unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who is desirous of being appointed as a Director of a Company. This unique number holds personal details of the concerned Director (such as Name, Residential Address, etc) and also the past and present professional engagements of an individual in capacity of Director of company/ companies.

Amongst other pre-requisites, DIN is also a pre requisite for appointment as a Director in any company. Now, you could be looking for your appointment as a Director in the following two instances:

Instance 1: To be appointed as a Director in an existing company, or

Instance 2: To be appointed as a Director in proposed company i.e. a Company initiating its incorporation process

In Instance 1, an individual can apply for DIN by submitting an electronic Form i.e Form DIR-3 along with their KYC documents with the Ministry. In this case, the Form is submitted by the desirous director using his digital signatures (DSC).

In Instance 2, a consolidated incorporation application is submitted on behalf of the proposed Company in Form SPICe+, wherein a maximum of 3 individuals can apply for DIN.

Pre-requisite to apply for DIN

E-form DIR-3 (for DIN application) is required to be digitally signed by the applicant i.e. Resident or Non- Resident. Thus, the individual has to primarily apply for a DSC. Once the applicant has a DSC in hand, it has to be associated on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ portal and thereafter, it can be used to digitally sign the DIN application form.

Few questions before we enlist the documentation and other requirements

When an application is made for DIN of a Non-Resident, some confusion always creeps in as to documents required and their mode of execution and authentication such as:

-Whether PAN is mandatory when applying for DIN of a Non-Resident (NR)?
-As father’s name is mandatory for DIN, what if father’s name is not mentioned in the Passport?
-What if an individual does not have a last name?
-What kind of documents acceptable towards address proof of a NR?

Documentation and other requirements for DIN of a Non-Resident

We have summarised the answers to above questions and the requirements for DIN application (e-form DIR-3) for a NR applicant.

    1. PAN: PAN is a ten-digit unique alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. PAN Card* is mandatory to obtain DIN for all Indian Nationals. (It is not mandatory for foreign nationals). However, the same shall be mandatory in case the Non-Resident is required to have PAN under Income Tax Act / Rules (of India), for example where the NR is in India for employment, etc.

      *Every person, whether resident or non-resident, who is a Director/Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer/ Principal Officer (Whole Time Director or Chief Financial officer) in Indian Company that has a financial transaction exceeding INR 2,50,000/- in a financial year will have to compulsorily obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN).

  1. Identity proof: A copy of Passport is a mandatory requirement for proof of identity for Foreign National. Notarised and/ or Apostilled copy (as per the law of residence of NR) of the passport should be attached. It is to be ensured that the details entered in DIR-3 match exactly with the details printed on the identity proof.

  2. Address proof like a Notarised and/ or Apostilled copy of passport, driving license or utility bills like electricity bill, telephone bill should be in the name of the applicant only and should not be older than 1 year (2 months for residents) from the date of filing of the e-form.

    In case of foreign nationals, wherein proofs are in a language other than English, the proofs should be translated in English from a certified translator or a notary public of home country, under its seal.

  3. Mentioning father’s name: The identity proof of the applicant (Resident or Non-Resident) to be attached in form DIR-3 should evidence same father’s name as mentioned in the form. However, the same is not required in the case of foreign nationals/NRIs. Further, it is mandatory to enter either father’s first name or father’s last name.

    In case the name of a person (applicant) does not have a last name, then his or her father’s or grandfather’s surname shall be mentioned in the last name along with the declaration in Form No. DIR-3A.

    Refer to Rule 9(4) of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014, for the format of Form DIR-3A: Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014.

  4. Board resolution proposing his/her appointment as director in an existing company.

  5. In case of foreign nationals, while submitting the residential address, in case you do not have PIN Code, enter ‘NA’.

  6. Certification of form DIR-3: Such form needs to be certified by either Company Secretary of the Company or Director or other officer, of the Company in which the appointment is proposed.

The Ministry has also come up with an Annual attempt to confirm/ update the details provided by Directors in their DIN Applications. This is done by completing with E-KYC verification on annual basis for personal details of directors.

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  1. I visited the B Samrish & Co. website and read the article titled “DIN of Foreign Director.” I found the information provided in the article to be incredibly insightful and well-researched. It’s an excellent resource for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of having a foreign director in an Indian company. Thank you, B Samrish & Co., for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  2. I am a UK resident and a company director in India. My business partner is a resident in India and a Director of the company. We wish to dissolve the business. Do I need to get the signed dissolution documents etc notarized from the UK, or can I sign them as the Government has already seen my notarized proofs from when I incorporated the company as a UK resident? Many thanks

    1. Dear Reader,

      To ensure legal validity of the documents in India, all documents executed outside the country must be notarized. This process certifies their genuineness, prevents fraud, and ensures proper execution.

      As a director of the Company, you will be executing dissolution documents in your resident country for further submission with various Indian authorities. Hence, it shall be necessary for you to get the same notarized for legal validity in India. This requirement applies regardless of whether the documents were notarized during the company’s incorporation.

  3. We are applying DIN for a director whose nationality is Danish, however his present address is of India and he also holds Multiple entry visa. Kindly confirm that we are not required to get his passport and proof of address notarized and apostilled. Also, while filing form DIR-3 is not allowing us to mention his India’s address in present address by showing error that Indian state cannot be selected in case of Non resident . Kindly help what to do in this case.

    1. Dear Reader,

      If you have selected the nationality of the person as non-resident, then you are required to provide an address other than India. Further, please note that for the verification of the identity of a foreign resident, a passport is mandatory, and for address verification, related proof would be required.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am incorporating a Private limited company, both the subscribers cum directors are having foreign citizenship but they are resident in India, Now in Spice+Part B we are unable to write PAN while applying DIN as they are not having citizenship in India, but again in Spice+ Part B in place of affixing DSC of Director we can enter only PAN or DIN and not Passport, I am unable to complete my incorporation due to the error,

    1. Dear Reader,

      Please note, as per the Instruction kit on Spice+ forms, while mentioning particulars of individual first subscriber(s) cum directors Not Having DIN, DIN is issued based on the PAN or Passport Number. In case of Foreign Nationals, passport becomes mandatory.

      Hence, you shall be required to apply for DIN based on the Passport of both the subscribers cum directors.

      Further, in respect of your query regarding associating DSC of the first directors, please note as per the FAQ’s by the MCA on ‘ Incorporation and Allied Matters’, the DSC of First directors not having DIN DSC shall be associated by providing their PAN. Once DIN is allocated for first directors post approval of SPICe+, DSC may be updated against DIN by using ‘Update DSC’ service.

      Hence, you shall be required to associate the DSC of both the directors through PAN only.

  5. I have to incorporate a Pvt Company with 2 directors one of the director being national of pakistan but he is residing in India since last 10 years and is also a director in Indian company & holding PAN and Aadhar card but he is not holding business visa so do i still need to notarise or apostille MOA ,AOA and other documents.

    1. Dear Reader,

      In accordance with the FAQs on Incorporation and Allied Matters, foreign nationals must file SPICe+ (INC-32) along with the manually signed Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). The subscriber’s signature and address must be notarized, apostilled, or consularized, as applicable.

      Because he is a Pakistani national and Pakistan is a Commonwealth member, merely notarization will suffice.

      However, in some exceptional situations, such as when a foreign individual does not have a business visa, apostillation of documents is required.

  6. Dear Sir, I’m a NRI, having Indian passport,Voter Id and PAN card. I want to start a PVT.LTD company along with my brother who is residing in India. In order to apply for DIN, along with my Passport copy and PAN card what documents are required?

    Am’I need to notarize the passport and other documents from Indian Embassy / from the Embassy where I’m staying?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Please note that the application for incorporation of a Company is made through a web Form SPICE+, which is an integrated form and offers various services such as Name Reservation, Incorporation, DIN application, PAN/TAN application, GSTIN allotment, Application for Employee Provident Fund (EPFO) and Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) registration, opening of bank account, etc. Thus, an application for obtaining DIN shall be made through SPICE+.

      Listed below are the documents required for filing web Form SPICE+ (for DIN):

      1. Consent from the Proposed Directors to act as a Director in Form DIR-2
      2. Declaration of Disqualification/Non-Disqualification from the Proposed Directors in Form DIR-8
      3. Self-attested copy of Proof of Identity i.e. Passport, Voter Id Card or Driving License
      4. Self-attested copy of residential address i.e. Bank Statement or Copy of any Utility Bill (not older than 02 Months)
      5. Directors should have Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

      Further, in case of non-residents, documents are required to be notarized or apostilled as follows:

      If the foreign national is residing:

      • in a country in any part of the Commonwealth, to be notarized by a Notary (Public) in that part of the Commonwealth.
      • in a country which is a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961, to be notarized before the Notary (Public) of the country of his origin and be duly apostillised in accordance with the said Hague Convention.
  7. Dear Sir,
    Is Notarized in the home country of applicant is sufficient for DIR-3 of Foreign National or do we have to get them apostile as well along with notarized? Kindly revert. Thanks

    1. As per rule 13(5) of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, if the foreign national residing outside India

      • in a country which is a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961: then all the documents shall be notarized before the Notary (Public) of the country of his origin and be duly apostilled in accordance with the said Hague Convention.
      • in a country in any part of the Commonwealth: all the documents shall be notarized by a Notary (Public) in that part of the Commonwealth.
      • in a country outside the Commonwealth and which is not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961: all the documents shall be notarized before the Notary (Public) of such country and the certificate of the Notary (Public) shall be authenticated by a Diplomatic or Consular Officer empowered in this behalf or where there is no such officer by any of the officials mentioned in section 6 of the Commissioners of Oaths Act, 1889, or in any Act amending the same.
      1. Dear Sir,
        Thanks for the reply. If a person has a business visa and coming to India, then can for application of DIN, his self documents be notarized in India before Public Notary and would that be enough? Kindly reply.

        1. In case if foreign national visits India having valid Business Visa, then his proof of Identity, proof of residence and business visa shall be self-attested and further to be notarized before Indian Notary Public.

  8. If a foreigner is resident in India for many years and holds a business visa, will he have to get his passport and permanent address proof apostilled for attachment with DIR-3KYC? Isn’t it sufficient to get copies of these documents attested in India against production of the original documents?

    1. If a person holds a business visa and is residing in India, he/ she can attach a self-attested and duly certified [by professionals (CS/CA/CMA)] copy of passport, proof of permanent address, proof of present address in India and business visa, by producing original documents before such certifying professional, who may ask a copy of documents authenticated before Indian Notary.

  9. Dear Sir, We have need to transfer the foreign holder in Indian company. what are the documents required. What are the steps in MCA .

    1. We understand from the query that there is a transfer of shares from the foreign holder to the resident Indian (i.e. Transfer of Shares between Non Resident and Resident).

      Under Companies Act
      Provision of Section 56 of the Companies Act, 2013 shall be applicable for Transfer of Shares. A Share Transfer Deed in Form SH-4 duly executed, dated and stamped alongwith copy of Share Certificate or Letter of Allotment be delivered to the Company within period of 60 days from the date of execution. The Board of Directors in their meeting approves the documents and take note of such transfer and make endorsement on the reverse of the share certificate. Once the same is completed, the share certificates are then delivered to the transferee. The Company shall deliver the Share Certificates transferred within a period of one month from the date of receipt of instrument of Transfer.

      Under FEMA
      You can refer to the user manual available on the FIRMS portal to know about the documents required for filing of Form FC-TRS.

  10. Sir,
    Can you please help?For Non Resident Indian’s applying for a DIN, what all documents need to be notarized/apostilled? Is it only copy of proof of present address? Should his copy of PAN & Passport be attested by practising professional such as CS or CA?

    1. Dear Sir,

      In case of application of DIN by a non-resident, all the documents i.e. proof of address, ID proof, and passport need to be notarized/apostilled, as per the law of the home country.

      There is no need for attestation of documents (PAN and Passport, etc) from any practicing professionals. You can submit Form DIR-3 for obtaining DIN.

  11. US Citizen having PAN CARD in India having DIN also and also he is director in one company in India.

    Now wants to incorporate new company he has no business visa and no OCI and PIO.

    How he subscribe shares in new company ?
    Is any docs needs to apostillised ? Who can appostillised in India ?

    1. A foreign citizen can incorporate an Indian company without a business visa/ OCI/PIO. He can subscribe to the shares of the proposed company under the memorandum of association and become a shareholder of the Company. Thereafter, post-incorporation, he will remit the share application money into the bank account of the newly incorporated company.

      Further, as he is a US citizen and USA is a part of the Hague Apostille Convention, 1961, therefore, all documents executed by him in relation to incorporation, his proof of address and proof of identity, the subscriber sheets of the memorandum and articles of association shall be notarized before the Notary (Public) and be duly apostilled by the USA Government.

  12. I am an NRI and trying to register a company in India along with my brother who lives in India. I do have a PAN card, Indian Passport. What all documents should I need and do I need to go to the Indian embassy to get them notarized?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Please give us more clarity on whether you have citizenship of any other country or you are an OCI holder. If you want to function as an Indian Resident, no need to get any document notarized, else the documents are to be notarized by the Nodal Officer of the foreign country where you reside.

      For documentation details, you can contact us.

  13. For a NRI from Singapore ( Indian citizen), signing the Application for a NRI director from India, what are the documents required? Any documents require Notarization? If yes, can notarization from India is sufficient?

    1. A person (Resident or Non-Resident) is mandatorily required to have Director Identification Number (DIN) to be appointed as a Director in an Indian Company. Further, following documents are required to be signed by the person proposed to be appointed as a Director:

      1. Consent to act as a Director in Form DIR-2 (along with proof of identity and residence)
      2. Disqualification, if any under Section 164 in Form DIR-8.

      Above mentioned appointment related documents need not be notarised and apostilled/consularised even if signed outside India.

  14. Can you please tell me if there is any requirement that a foreign director must own shares in a Pvt LTD company?

    1. There is no such requirement in the act which requires a foreign national to hold shares in a company in order to become a director of the Company. Thus, an individual can become a Director in a Company with NIL shareholding.
      The only pre-requisite to be appointed as a director in a company is that an individual must have a valid Director Identification Number (DIN).

  15. If a NRI (Indian national but rriding in US) having PAN and Indian passport want s to incorporate new company, can he give his US address proof without any notary if signed documents by coming to india ? Also such NRI doesn’t require visa to visit india as he is still indian citizen having indian passport

    1. As per clause (d) of Rule 13 of the Companies (Incorporation), Rules, 2014, it is clarified that, in case of Person is of Indian Origin or Overseas Citizen of India, requirement of business Visa shall not be applicable. If the concerned person is signing in India, self- attested copies shall be served. However, the self attested documents shall be notarised in India.

  16. For obtaining DIN for UK citizen, whether Notorised documents will be sufficient or these should also be appostiled..??

    1. As United Kingdom is a member of Commonwealth Nation and a party of Hague Convention as well, the documents being executed there needs to be both notarized and apostilled. For detailed information you can read Rule 13(5) of Companies (Incorporation) Rule 2014 and our blog on Incorporation Rules.

      However, in general parlance either of them will suffice the requirement of law.

    2. We have a director who is permanently residing in UK, but a citizen of India, how the attestation of his documents will go for his KYC?

  17. Can you please share the link where it is written that the documents should be notarized and apostilled if it is signed outside India.

  18. What shall be the case for NRIs? Can they submit copy of PAN and address proof of a foreign country? If yes, whether self attested copies would serve the purpose or apostilled? Please share your views.

    1. Self-attested copies shall only serve the purpose when the documents are signed in India, provided that the person signing have a business visa. In case the documents are signed outside India they are required to be appostilled or notraised depending upon the country of residence.

  19. Nepalese citizen is doing job in India, no visa required to them at this point, but when they want to incorporate company in India then how to apply Business visa? MCA also require Arrival stamp on passport but there are no stamp on passport if you cross border via land.

    1. Having a business visa is not a mandatory requirement for incorporating a company in India. Instead what is necessary is having a valid DIN. Person of any nationality can apply for DIN on MCA portal in order to incorporate company in India.

      To apply for DIN by a foreign national residing in Native country such as Nepal which is not a signatory/party of Hague Convention will require proof of identity, address proof and photo on DSC application which should be notarized by the Public Notary of their own country and consularized by their own competent authority. Documents required are: Passport, DSC Application form with photo (all attested).

  20. Hello
    I am a US citizen OCI card holder and resident in India for over 20 years. I do not have a permanent address in the US.
    I am planning on starting a venture. How do I go about it esp. since I am foreign national with an Indian permanent address


  21. I want to incorporate a company after obtaining DIN. Sir is there any form substitute for DIR-3 since it is for an existing company.

  22. Sir, I am NY, USA resident. The local consulate said I need to have the documents appostiled at the NY Secretary of State’s office. Do I require the DIR-3 document? Can I e-file for my DIN? If not, do I send the scanned and hard copy docs to my CA in India for filing?
    I appreciate your reply.

    1. Application for obtaining DIN is made through an online form called DIR-3. However, the DIR-3 mandates that the Address and ID Proof of the individual applying for DIN be attached to it. Now these address and ID proof in case of a foreign national, need to be attested by the Consulate of the Indian Embassy, Foreign public notary. Scan copies of the said proof shall also suffice for the filing purposes.
      In case of a foreign national, Passport is sufficient as the ID Proof and passport, driving license, electricity bill and telephone bill shall suffice as the Address Proof. Please note that the address proof should not be older than 1 year from the date of filing of the form DIR-3.

  23. Is the requirement for documents to be Notarised and Apostilled copy or just Notarised is sufficient. Also, who should notarize? Do we need any attestation done by Indian embassy or Apostilled from FCO – Foreign Commonwealth office sufficient?

    1. In accoradnce to Rule 13(5)(b) of The Company (Incorporation) Rules 2014 if a country is part of the Commonwealth, all the signed documents shall be notarized by the notary of that particular company.

  24. Hi,
    We established a branch office of a foreign company (UK) in India in 2008 and have been in operation since. We have so far complied with all regulations we were asked to follow. Recently, we have been asked to provide DIN number to change some of our details in IEC portal. We could similar requirement in GST portal as well. As we are a branch office of a foreign company, could you shed some lights on this requirement please?


    1. As per Companies Act, 2013, there is no requirement for Authorised Representatives of foreign company having branch in India to have DIN. They only require a valid PAN. We suggest you to get in touch with the concerned authorities for further guidance on this issue.

  25. Dear Sir,
    For foreign director apostile hard copy is required for incorporation or e apostile is enough means in electronic apostile copy is enough

  26. For PIO/OCI who are not Indian citizens, but are permanently living in India, and have no address at all of any foreign country – for them, the DIN-3 form requires a permanent address of outside India. It does not allow to select “IN” as the country code for permanent address. do you know what should be done?

    1. While filing e-form DIR-3, if the citizenship of director is selected as‘Not an Indian Citizen’, it will not be possible to select “IN” as the country code in the field of permanent address .

  27. Sir, I’m a Chinese citizen and want to incorporate business with Indian partner. I want to know whether my passport should be apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (China) and Indian Embassy or only the MFA? Thanks.

  28. Foreign resident who is on travel visa in India wanted to form a private Limited company in India with one Indian resident.
    Which type of visa foreign resident should have? (Travel/Business). Is there any such compulsion about type of visa ?

    1. A Tourist visa is granted for visiting India for recreation, site seeing, casual visit etc. No other activities are permissible under a tourist visa. For the purpose of starting a private limited company one should have a business visa.

  29. I’m from a private limited Company in India (Kolkata). My would be wife (a resident of Dhaka) will be a Director of the company after marriage. Please let me know what visa is required for a director in this case after marriage. And whether she can work as director in India and withdraw director’s remuneration.

    1. There is no special requirement as to visa to be a Director in an Indian company. She can be a Director and draw Directors’ Remuneration by complying with the Indian law as is applicable to any other Indian Director.

  30. 2 NRI (presently in singapore) wants to open a new pvt ltd company, & applying for DIN, they have PAN CARD , Passport every indian docs.
    Whether self attested document enough or need to get them attested??
    What docs are required, whose going to attest??
    Please reply

    1. In order to incorporate a private company Non Resident Indian require the following documents
      a. Passport in order to get DIN (if you are already holding din particular provided therein have been updated on the date of application and declaration in this regard in the application the proof of identity and residence need not to be attached)
      b. Resident proof such as bank statement ,telephone & mobile bill shall not be two month old.
      c. Proof of nationality.
      d. If the subscriber is already a director or promoter of company the particular relating to
      • Name of company,
      • Corporate identity number
      • Whether interested as director or promoter

      for further information please refer:
      DIN of Foreign Directors
      Subscription to MOA by Non Residents
      Appointment of Non-Resident/ Foreign Citizen/ Foreign National as a Director

  31. Hello, I want to view the DIN Application filed by one of the Director of other Company. Previously it was available to view under “Get DIN Application”. Whether under this new Act and new website is it available? If yes, please give a path.

  32. Whether Document should be Attested by Consulate of the Indian Embassy and Foreign Public Notary of the country both or any one can be done?? For DIN & DSC both

  33. Sir is affidavit copy in DIR 4 required for foreign national and we have bank statement copy in another language…so what can be done?


    1. DIR-4 is not required to be filed any more as per amendment in the Companies (Appointment and qualification of Directors) Amendment Rules, 2014 dated 18th sep,2014. also any proof be it ID Proof or Address proof needs to be attested by the Consulate of the Indian embassy, foreign public notary.

      1. Thank you for the reply sir…but do we need to convert the Bank Statement into English Language then get it attested??

  34. I am an Indian citizen having DIN. A British National is to be inducted as Director. Please explain the process for obtaining DIN ,(a) when the foreign National is not in his home country but in Nepal, (b) when he visits India.

    1. When the foreign national is not in his home country but in Nepal and when the foreign national visits India-:
      The process for obtaining DIN will be same in both the cases as applicable for Indian citizens with the following exceptions-
      I. Father’s name proof is not required in case of foreign nationals.
      II. Foreign nationals shall select the nationality as declared in the passport.
      III. Income tax PAN is not mandatory for foreign nationals. Instead, passport number is mandatory for them.
      IV. If in permanent residential address field, a country other than India is selected and you do not have the pin code then enter N.A. Moreover, state can be mentioned in address/city.
      V. Since the director is in Nepal, the attached supporting documents should be attested by the Consulate of the Indian Embassy, Foreign public notary. Supporting documents can also be attested by Company secretary in full time employment/CEO/Managing director of the Indian company in which he / she proposed to be a director.
      VI. Following attachments are required:
      • Passport
      • Address proof shall not be older than 1 year

       In case of proofs which are in languages other than Hindi/English, the proofs should be translated in Hindi/English from professional translator carrying his details (name, signature, address) and seal. In the case of foreign nationals, translation done by the notary of home country is also acceptable.

  35. Sir, if there is an NRI who wants to apply for DIN / DSC, what are the requirements of docs.
    I have managed to get some info but lacking clarity,
    UID of the country of residence
    Residence visa
    Bank statement, however the proposed director is a either / or holder in the account, and is not a primary / 1st name.
    Attestation requirements for the above documents.

  36. Hi One of Our client needs to start a company India. He basically from Israel but he settled permanently USA, he Had Israel Passport and USA Green card how to he needs to attest that docs for incorporation in India?

  37. I am Indian but my partner is Foreigner citizen ship . we need din for company registration but I want to know my foreign partner documents attested possible in India ????? My foreign partner have Indian PAN CARD .

    1. It is required that the documents(ID Proof and address proof) of the Foreign Directors should be notorized by Indian embassy in the country of their stay. Along with his PAN card, address proof (e.g passport having address) are required to be notarized.

  38. Dear sir,
    DIN is allotted to a foreign national ,but when iam checking the DIN status in MCA,it is not showing the details of director rather the reply is “this service is applicable to Indian natioanls”.so what to do.please advice.

  39. Hi all,

    What are the documents are necessary for applying DSC of NRI?
    Is possible to form Indian private LTD company with Indian director and NRI director?

    1. Documents required:
      • Application for DSC
      • PAN Card
      • Address proof notarized by Indian Embassy at the country where he resides.
      Passport is mandatory in case of foreign Nationals / NRI.
      Yes, Indian private limited company can be formed with Indian Director and an NRI director.

  40. Dear Friends,

    I need the complete process of Foreign Director DIN & DSC.

    Thanks & Regards;

    1. 1st step is for Digital Signature Certificate, a form 2 is to be filled with the following documents:
      1. Certified copy of the passport.
      2. Address proof
      Documentary evidence should be attested by;
      a. Consulate of the Indian Embassy
      b. Foreign public notary
      c. CEO/Managing Director/CS in whole time employment of the Indian Company in which he proposed to be appointed.

      Then, apply For DIN- for DIN Application an e-form is to be filled i.e. DIR-3 on the MCA portal with the following documents:
      3. ID Proof which must be apostile.
      4. Address Proof which is also apostile.
      5. Requirement of Digital Signature Certificate

  41. whether photo of NRi director also need to be apostille and secondly passport is sufficient proof of identity and residence or do we need other docs for proof of residence..

    1. Photo is not required to be apostile separately but the same get apostile with INC-10. Moreover as of 27.07.2016, the requirement of filing INC-10 has been done away with.
      You, need to attach any one of the four (Recent Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill, Bank statement, Electricity Bill) along with passport.


    1. Before applying for a DIN, every Director is required to have a digital signature certificate. So you are advised primarily to get the DSC and then obtain the DIN of the foreign Director.

      1. Sir, to get DSC for NRI, we submitted documents attested by USA notary. But now documents are rejected as it is signed by black pen. what shall we do now..

  43. Passport of foreign national can be attested by Chartered accountant or public notary in india, for address and identity proof of DIN application

    1. Passport of Foreign national can be attested by following:-
      • Consulate of the Indian Embassy or
      • Company secretary in full time employment / CEO / Managing director of the Indian company in which he / she proposed to be a director.

  44. which Residential address proof is to be submitted if it was of NRI ?? old one or new address

  45. while filling DIn-3 form by a Citizen of indian but presently Non Resident of india, his present address shall be in india how it is possible ?

    1. You have to select No in point no.16 and have to fill his present residential address in point No.17 but have to select NA while selecting the state and then fill country code (For ex. US if he is a resident of United States).

    1. For application of DIN of NRI the following steps shall be followed:

      1. Form DIR-3 shall be filed.
      2. Form DIR-4 (declaration) shall be either apostilled or consularised by the Indian Embassy/consulate of the host nation. Purchase of affidavit or stamp paper is not required in this case.
      3. Passport would be required to be attached as proof of identity and residence. PAN is not mandatory.
      4. File form DIR-3 with the applicant’s own DSC.

  46. What will be process for obtaining DIN of an Indian national not residing in India.
    Whether process applicable for Indian national or foreign national needs to be followed. Pl guide.

    In my case a person is an Indian and residing in USA since 2010 and wants a DIN

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  53. I faced the same problem while applying for DIN of a foreign national. The notarization from the US Consulate was rejected but we were told by the MCA DIN Cell that if the foreign director is in India, an Indian notary can do the attestation as long as a notarized copy of a valid Indian visa is also submitted. Thanks for sharing the valuable piece of information.

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