Our Team

Komal Makkar, Associate member of the firm, manages Corporate Secretarial and corporate legal compliances. Besides being a competent company secretary professional, she holds a bachelor degree in commerce and is also a Law graduate.

Her forte lies in corporate compliance management, due-diligence, handling matter related to FEMA and other allied paralegal support in the field of corporate law. Her fresh perspective that seeks to elucidate the intricacies of law has always been an added advantage to the firm. As a qualified professional, her systematic work approach, passion for precision and an eye for detail makes her stands out. She also has a talent for team management, always making sure to keep a light and organized atmosphere.

To keep on top of professional schedule, she makes sure to put aside time to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and soaking up its serene vibes. Another passion for hers – cooking and curiosity to explore things. Her love for cooking knows no bounds.

She continuously encourages a learning environment and having an attitude that one should constantly take on and execute big challenges as she believes that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

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